Email a Teacher From the Teacher Review Overview

When open, the Teacher Review Overview shows teacher by teacher actions. From the grid, you can send an email to a teacher. This allows you to easily initiate communications with a teacher after reviewing the status of the Classrooms sent out with Teacher Review.

To email a Teacher Review teacher:

  1. Open Little SIS Premium (Go to Sync).
  2. Be sure you are at Home.
  3. Click a status on the Teacher Review (last 24 hours) dashlet card. The Teacher Review Overview opens.
  4. Right-click on a row.
  5. Click Email teacher. A new tab will open with an email you can populate to that teacher. Screenshot_2021-10-27_10.31.48_AM.png
  6. Enter the email text.
  7. Click Send.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 3/22/2024 Added animated GIF


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