Filter and Sort the Roster Sync Jobs List

The roster sync jobs list can be filtered and sorted to help you find specific jobs. Let's take a look at filtering and sorting. Start by opening Little SIS Premium and navigating to Jobs > Roster sync jobs.

Filtering roster sync jobs

Removing a filter

Sorting roster sync jobs 

Filtering Roster Sync Jobs

  1. From the jobs list, click + Add Filter at the top of the page.
  2. Select the information to filter by; Name, Description, Created Date, Last Sync Date.
  3. Enter a value to filter by in the popup at the top-right of the page.
    • The Name and Description filters are based on a contains specific text logic. Only jobs containing the filter value appear in the sync jobs list. 
    • For Created Date and Last Sync Date, are date-based. Only jobs created on or before the selected date appear in the sync jobs list.
  4. Click Apply. A filter chip appears at the top-left above the jobs list containing your filter criteria. FilterChipHL.png
  5. Apply another filter or sort the list if necessary.

Removing a Roster Sync Job Filter

From the jobs list, click the X in the filter chip at the top-left of the jobs list.FilterChipRemove.png

Sorting Roster Sync Jobs

By default, the jobs list is sorted A to Z by job name. You can change the sort by selecting a sort order from the Sort by drop-down at the top of the page. Sorts include Created Date (new to old), Last Sync (most recent to least recent)Future Scheduled Automations, A to Z, and Z to A.SortJobs.png

Note: Future Scheduled Automations sorts all fully automated and automated analysis roster sync jobs by their next scheduled automation. 
  • Fully automated jobs will go off of the next sync date/time.
  • Automated analysis jobs will go off of the next scheduled analysis. 
  • The sort will proceed to sort jobs in ascending date and time order.
  • All other remaining manual jobs will be sorted below those automated alphabetically A-Z.



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