Amplified Storage Solutions: Gopher for Drive With Storage Insights

Google for Education regularly makes changes and updates to Google Workspace editions in an effort to adjust to the needs of academic institutions and their stakeholders. Not long ago, Google for Education announced that Google Workspace will be receiving limitations in storage abilities.

Understanding how important it is to track Google Drive usage across a Google Workspace domain, CDW Amplified for Education has developed Gopher for Drive, a Google Sheets add-on, so institutions can monitor their storage consumption and get ahead of the upcoming limitations.

Introducing Gopher for Drive

Google Workspace for Education editions initially came with unlimited storage, but now Google admins have to plan for storage limits of the Google for Education storage policy. Google Workspace domains receive 100TB for free, after which institutions will have to upgrade to a paid edition for additional storage. 

Gopher for Drive, provides high-level user and file information about the total storage usage in an institution’s Google Workspace for Education domain. Within the generated Domain level, Shared Drives level, and Drive level reports, admins can view overall domain storage usage, view user storage usage, and view large files for users, filtering by file type and file size. 


This Gopher tool allows institutions to identify large storage footprints and guides them in managing them effectively.

If you are interested in using Gopher for Drive to monitor your domain storage usage, visit Google Workspace Marketplace to install it for free. For questions about purchasing the Gopher Packcontact an account manager


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