Quarterly Webinar - March 2022: What's new with Workspace paid editions

Presented by:

Cat Weers, Associate Manager, Onboarding and Support

At the end of each quarter, we hold a webinar to review the latest changes to Workspace paid editions. Thank you to all of our customers who attended the webinar. If you weren't able to attend, we've included resources from the webinar, below, including the full recording so you can review them on your own.  

Included in each webinar

  • Description of each change
  • Impact of each change
  • Any actions customers must take related to each change
  • Paid versions that are impacted by each change
  • Webinar resources: The full webinar recording and slide deck used are available via the links below. The slide deck also includes many links to additional Google articles and CDW Amplified for Education resources. 

New features we highlighted in the March webinar

  • Improved Audit Logs in the Investigation tool
  • Surface post-delivery actions in the Investigation Tool from delegated users
  • Live Translated Captions available
  • Client-side encryption for stronger data security and privacy
  • Use Context-aware access to help protect Admin console access
  • Practice Sets in Google Classroom
  • Google Workspace migrate - out of beta
  • Meet attendance reports available for 2 or more participants
  • Expanded access for noise cancellation in Google Meet
  • Use Companion mode in meet
  • Changes to storage policy timeline
  • Originality reports now work with slides
  • Drive Labels & Data Protection - out of beta
  • Searching in Drive gets better with Chips
  • More detectors to use in DLP Rules
  • View bandwidth for users
  • Admin console updates
  • Use Cloud Search to find people
  • What's new? link in the Admin console

Webinar Resources March 2022

View the webinar

View the slide deck

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