Google Workspace Storage Limits

Storage limits history

In February of 2021, Google announced significant changes coming to unlimited cloud storage for Google Workspace. The unlimited cloud storage for education organizations is being phased out. Starting in July 2022, schools will be given 100TB of combined Drive, Gmail, and Photos storage for free. After you’ve reached the max storage allocation per domain (100TB), you will need to curb your cloud storage usage or procure a paid Google Workspace edition.

This article contains resources to help you navigate the changes to storage. As we learn and develop best practices, this page will be updated. Consider bookmarking this article as it is the best way you can stay in step with new developments. 

Video: Intro to the Storage Tool

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February 2021
Storage limits announcement

April 2022
Storage tool available in the Admin console

July 2022
Storage limits effective date

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If you need help with storage, we have a support stack for that. With the Storage Insights stack, learn how file storage is used within a Google Workspace for Education tenant, and determine current total usage, top users, and top storage usage cases to help plan for future controls over usage to best fit educational purposes.

If you currently have hours on a support subscription, you are one step closer to Support Stacks and you can connect with the support team by emailing support@amplifiedit.comTo purchase support hours, please fill out this form and an account manager will connect with you.


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