New Telemetry reports: Battery Health, April 5, 2022

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In this update, we’ve concentrated our focus on Battery Health monitoring, providing you with another tool for gaining insight across your Chromebook fleet. Specifically, monitoring the condition or state of all batteries across your fleet. Using this information you can plan device repairs, recycling, and replacements.

There is minimal setup before you can use battery health and storage monitoring. Learn more

  • The Battery Health State widget is new to the Gopher for Chrome Web app. It provides a domain-wide view of the devices, showing the number of devices in each health state.
    Gopher for Chrome > Run Reports > Device Cache > Cache Admin Settings

  • The Battery Health report lets get information on specific devices in each state. After running the report, use the Google Sheets column filters to drill down on a specific subset of devices.
    Gopher for Chrome > Run Reports > Device Telemetry > Poor Battery Health

  • The Battery Health by OU report has one row per OU with the count of devices for each battery health status, along with a link to the admin console page with the Chrome settings for that OU.
    Gopher for Chrome > Run Reports > Device Telemetry > Battery Health by OU

  • Storage and battery data is added to the Device Cache sheet. When loading your devices via the Device Cache, you can now see the battery health and storage used per device. You can use this information to filter and bulk clean up devices.

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