Updated Gopher Buddy Installer, March 16, 2022

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Gopher for Chrome > Load managed devices from > Device Cache

  • The installer for the Gopher Buddy extension has been updated. The previous installer required you to authenticate before accessing the install wizard. The updated wizard does not require authentication and opens differently if the extension was or was not already installed. Here’s what’s changed:
    • The release install link has changed.
    • The behavior of the link has changed:
      • If the Gopher Buddy extension is not installed, the installation wizard opens to step 1.
      • If the Gopher Buddy extension is installed, the page opens to the Setup Panel, Assign Admin Account tab.
    • See the Install and setup Gopher Buddy article which walks you through the installation via sheets.
      Note: We recommend installing from Sheets rather than the Admin console Marketplace.

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