CDW Amplified for Education Learning Resources

CDW Amplified for Education provides opportunities for you to learn how to use Google Workspaces and our Labs tools. Use the links below to discover different ways you can grow with Google Workspace and our Labs tools.

I Haven’t Purchased Yet, What’s Available for Me?

Learning Resources: Our full list of learning resources. Sign up for our newsletter, or view our blog. For Amplified Tools customers and those on a trial, you can attend a weekly office hours or a webinar.

I’ve Already Purchased, What Resources Do I Have for Learning?

Workspace for Education training: Learn the best ways to use Google Workspace via Webinars, office hours, and guided training.

CDW Amplified for Education Tools training: Webinars and office hours to discover what you can do with our Labs tools.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 3/4/2024 Clarified Office Hours between labs/trial and Workspace


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