Troubleshooting: Little SIS Is Not Creating Classes as Expected

Before starting the general troubleshooting steps listed further below, first confirm the following:

  • The Source File used for the job contains the proper data for the current school year.
  • If the issue is simply that the classes aren’t showing up in the explorer and teachers have not mentioned the issue of not having classes yet, navigate back to Little SIS Explorer and go to Administration > Refresh Data > Classes. If the last refresh date is prior to when classes were pushed out, manually refresh.
  • The Class Alias on the Data Mappings page of the job does not reference the previous school year.


Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Confirm the expected classes are showing up on the Manage Inclusion/exclusion rules page of the job.
    On that page, select the green PREVIEW CLASS SYNC button. If the expected classes show up there, continue to the next step. LSISNotCreatingClasses2.pngIf the expected classes do not show up, take note of any inclusion/exclusion rules configured that may be causing this. You may also need to take note of your Alias structure on the previous Data mappings page to ensure this structure contains the proper fields to differentiate classes.
    For any one of the classes not being created, copy the Alias for that class using CTRL + C.
  2. Run the analysis to see what happens with that Class Alias.

    After the analysis completes and the Review and Action button is selected, select the X Class Change at the top and paste in the Alias. If it shows up to be created as new, commit the one change and see if there are any errors in the logs.LSISNotCreatingClasses3.png

    If the class does not show up in the Class Change preview, click on the Excluded Classes option at the top and paste in that Alias. If it is excluded, the reasons will likely be one of the following:

    • No Updates Required: This indicates the class Alias already exists, and there are no changes to be made. For this, you can search for the class in Little SIS Explorer by the alias. Be sure to remove any other filters.
    • Class Archived: This means the class Alias exists but has already been archived.
    • Provisioned Class Declined: This means the class was already provisioned, but the teacher declined it. If this isn’t expected, it could have been that the class was originally assigned to another teacher, and they declined it. In this case, you will want to re-provision declined classes.

Common Issues

  • If Teacher Review is enabled as the Creation method on the Update preferences section, Classes will never show as a provisioned state. LSISNotCreatingClasses4.png
  • They will instead be pending until the teacher takes action on them. Pending classes do not show up in the Explorer. Instead, these pending classes can be seen on the Little SIS Premium Home page by refreshing the Teacher Review Card. LSISNotCreatingClasses5.png


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