CDW Amplified for Education Is My Reseller. Who Do I Contact for Support, CDW or Google?

Use one of these methods to get help:

Create a support case with Google

Help assistant in the Admin console

Create a Support Case With Google

Using these steps you can raise a ticket on behalf of yourself.

  1. Go to
  2. In the left navigation, select All cases.
  3. Click Create support case, located at the top right. createSupportCase.png

Help Assistant in the Admin Console

Admin console > Home > Support > Contact support

If CDW Amplified for Education is your reseller, the Admin console’s Support/Help Assistant provides links for you to contact both CDW Amplified for Education and Google for support. 

Here’s a summary of what each company supports:

CDW Amplified for Education offers support to schools by way of consultation, performing tasks, and creating custom solutions for schools which have support contracts with us. If you are wanting to know more about our support services, or to request a quote, you can email your Google Customer Success Specialist. 

The Support option page within the Admin console is not an indication of the status of the Support Contract with CDW Amplified for Education. The page within the Admin console merely indicates whether the Reseller relationship is active, and may indicate that you purchased services from Google through us. In these cases, we are able to ESCALATE tickets you raise with Google when the response time is longer than expected. Having CDW Amplified for Education as your reseller places us as the default contact for questions regarding Billing for subscriptions you purchased through us. If you notice, at the bottom of that pop out, there is a Google support link which is for non-billing and other questions.

  1. Click Support.
  2. Click Contact support. consoleHelpAssistant1.png
  3. The top of the Help assistant window describes when to contact the reseller. If you need assistance with one of the following, click the Contact Amplified IT button. Questions include:
    * Updating or changing your payment method
    * Adding new users or licenses
    * Purchasing additional services
    * Transferring your account away from your reseller
  4. For all other questions, click the Google support link at the bottom of the Help window.
  5. The AmplifiedIT link leads to the CDW Amplified for Education Submit a ticket form. You need to have a support contract in place to get help with an issue.

    Pro Tip: You can also access the Submit a ticket form using the Submit a Ticket link at the top of the Help Center Home page.

  6. The Google Support link lets you add your question, then use the suggested articles or contact Google via chat, phone, or web.


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