Filtering for high risk group settings

You can, of course, use the full power of Google Sheets native filters and filter views to hone in on specific risks beyond what is described here...

...but as a convenience, Gopher for Groups includes a set of pre-baked risk filters that simply apply filters to the groups currently in the Group Settings tab. 


The Permissive posting rights filter applies to the Anyone can post messages column to filter out any groups where only owners or managers can post.Screen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_5.17.35_PM.png


The Permissive join rights filter applies to the Who can join column to filter out any groups where only owners or managers can post.


The Includes all domain users filter applies to the column of the same name within the Advanced membership analysis column group, and filters for only those groups where "All domain users" have been added as a group member.   It will only be enabled if these columns have actually been populated within the group import process.



Similarly, the Contains nested groups filter looks for only those groups that have other groups as members or owners.

Finally, the Contains external members filter looks for groups that contain users whose email addresses are not from any of the domains linked to your G Suite account.