Our tools

Managed Sync for G Suite

Automatically provision student accounts and roster Google Classroom classes.

Little SIS for Classroom

Keep Google Classroom classes and rosters synchronized with your Student Information System (SIS)

Gopher for Chrome

Your reporting and management go-getter for Chromebooks.

Gopher Buddy

A force-installed Chrome Extension that unlocks usage insights, puts device data at staff fingertips, and nudges forward OS version updates on laggard devices.

Gopher for Gmail

Perform bulk administrative actions on Gmail inboxes

Gopher for Groups

Group Setting Gopher gives Google Groups administrative mojo to any Google Sheet.

Gopher for Users

Google Sheets just got G Suite user-management superpowers

Group Gator

GAFE domain group management. Simplified.


Automate Google Calendar events from Sheets and Forms data.

Local Hero

Humbly liberating SIS data. From silos to a new life in the cloud!


Your many-footed little helper for Chromebook enrollment.