Security Dashboard

The Security Dashboard allows you to quickly view trends for your domain. Each card illustrates a report and allows for customization up to 180 days. View more insights by launching into the investigation tool.

The Security Dashboard Reports on:

  • File exposure: What does external file sharing look like for the domain?
  • Authentication: How many messages were authenticated?
  • Custom settings: How many messages were affected by your custom settings?
  • DLP incidents: How often are DLP rules violated and their severity?
  • Top policy incidents: What are the top policies causing the highest number of incidents?
  • Encryption: How many messages were encrypted?
  • Message delivery: What does inbound message volume look like?
  • Spam filter- All: How are incoming messages being routed?
  • Spam Filter- Phishing: How are potential phishing emails being routed?
  • Spam filter- Malware: When were messages marked as malware?
  • User reports: How are users marking their emails?
  • Failed device password attempts: How many times were there failed password attempts on devices?
  • Compromised device events: What compromised device events have been detected?
  • Suspicious device activities: What suspicious device activities have been detected?
  • OAuth scope grants by product: What do OAuth scope grants look like for each product?
  • OAuth grant activity: Which apps have had the highest change in OAuth grant activity?
  • OAuth grants to new apps: Which new apps have been granted OAuth tokens?
  • Suspicious attachments: Which messages contain suspicious attachments?
  • Spoofing: Which messages show evidence of spoofing?
  • User login attempts- challenge method: What login challenge methods have been used?
  • Failed user login attempts: How many times were there failed user login attempts?
  • Suspicious login attempts: How many times were there suspicious user login attempts?

**Dashboard reports update every 15 minutes.

For more information about each report click here.

Check out this video to see how the security center and investigation tool work together to give insight and help you effectively manage your domain. 

Video: Security Center and Investigation Tool


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