In sheet reports

Gopher for Users provides the ability to run several "in Sheet" reports, which can be optionally set to auto-refresh daily.

Screen_Shot_2018-07-01_at_6.55.32_PM.png Screen_Shot_2018-07-01_at_6.57.59_PM.png


The User Properties by OU report provides aggregations of relevant user properties, including user status, admin role, 2FA status, directory visibility, creation time, and last login time for each organizational unit on the domain.


Applying native Sheets filters in row 3 of this report allows you to see subtotals of the remaining, visible rows.



The Never Logged In report provides a comprehensive list of domain users who have not logged into their Google Workspace accounts, and includes account creation date and organizational unit.



The Suspended Users report provides a comprehensive list of domain users who are currently suspended, and includes the Org Unit Path and Last Login Time.