Enable and Populate Custom User Attributes

Before you can enable custom user attributes in Gopher for Users, you must have defined at least one custom attribute on your domain. This can be done from the Google Workspace admin panel or, in some cases, is done via other 3rd party applications.  Learn more

  1. In Google Sheets, open a new sheet.
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Gopher for Users > Launch sidebar
  3. Click Include User Attributes tab of the sidebar. AttributesButton.png Each eligible user attribute is listed with a collapsible field group.
  4. To enable a custom attribute, set its toggle to ON.

Note: Multiple value array-based custom attributes are not currently supported by Gopher for Users. These fields are denoted by a strikethrough.

Enabling a custom attribute clears the existing contents. It adds a new color-coded field group to the properties & attributes step in the Create users or Update properties & attributes steppers. Loading, creating, and updating users lets you include or update values in the columns designated for the enabled attributes.

As seen in Create users workflow As seen in Update properties & attributes workflow
enablePopulatedCustomcreateuser.png enablePopulatedCustomPropAttrib.png


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