Load Existing Users From the Admin Console

When you launch Gopher for Users in a blank Google Sheet, you will see the Load managed devices from in the sidebar tab, which allows you to import users to the Manage existing users tab of your sheet. By default the users are imported from the Admin console. The query filters help you narrow the users who are loaded.

You can also load users from a list of emails.


The query filters available for loading existing users include:

User Type

  • is Active or Suspended (default)
  • is Active
  • is Suspended
  • is Recently Deleted

Org Unit Path

  • is any value (default)
  • equals
  • contains

Last Login Time

  • is any value (default)
  • is before <date>
  • is after <date>
  • is never


These provide a powerful combination of user querying options not easily available via the Google Workspace Admin Panel, however, for even more filtering power, the More Filters button explains how to use native Sheets filters on your import.

To load existing users:

  1. From the sidebar, select query parameters using the Where and And drop-downs.
  2. (Optional) Check the Include group membership box to populate an additional Current group membership column listing all domain groups each user is a member of.

    Note: For performance reasons, a maximum of 100 groups will return for each user.

  3. Click Load to Sheet. Users load to a new tab, Manage Existing Users.


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