Settings for version 58

You’ll still see the old familiar settings in the new code called WiFi configuration and enrollment account, but just underneath, we’ve got some new settings.


Line 25 - default is 1 (on), but can be set to 0 (off)

If you set this to 0, Centipede will uncheck the option to send anonymous usage statistics to Google. You can always change this in the Admin Console at a later date, but it was a common request from our users, so we’ve incorporated it into this new codebase.


Line 26 - default is 1 (skip the asset id screen), but can be set to 0 (end at the asset id screen)

If you’re not interested in entering an Asset ID or location on each device, Centipede now handles this for you. On the other hand, if you’d like Centipede to just stop at this screen so you can enter information, simply change the value from 1 to 0 before uploading the code.


Line 27 - default is 4

Because of the changes to the list of wireless networks, we’ve had to adjust the code. Centipede will now hold the down arrow to scroll to the bottom of the list, but depending on your wireless environment, this may take more or less time than the default. If Centipede is not choosing to connect to Other Wifi Network adjust this value.

Watch carefully at the list of wireless networks, and adjust the value up if Centipede chooses a network from the list, rather than selecting to connect to a network not shown in the list.

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