Experimental Features

If you’ve ever enabled the labs features in Gmail or Calendar, you’ll immediately recognize the idea. These settings are untested and may not work as expected, but they were so fun to play with that we couldn’t resist including them. Since they’re experimental, Centipede or CDW Education does not support them. We have included them if you need to use them.


Line 30 - default is false; change to true if needed
If your enrollment network uses 802.1x authentication, Centipede can now try to connect using this authentication model. However, we’ve not tested this thoroughly, so getting things working correctly in your specific setup may take work. The lines below are related to the values you’ll need to define according to your Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) method.


Line 39 - default is 0; change to 1 if needed
Occasionally, Centipede will be just too efficient, and a Chromebook can struggle to keep up. If you notice that Centipede is skipping around or behaving oddly, you should try slowing it down by changing this from a 0 to a 1.


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