Use a CSV File to Bulk Assign Licenses

This method is best for organizations doing an initial license assignment of up to a few hundred licenses and are not wanting to use GAM.

Note: You cannot use this method to remove licenses from any users.

For common CSV file errors, see this Google Help Article

  1. Log into Google Admin console.
  2. Navigate to the Users page.
    Main menu > Directory > Users
  3. In the All organizations panel at the left, locate and select the OU where you want to assign licenses. You can download all users at the root or by OU.
  4. Click Manage Columns (settings wheel) above the Users grid.
  5. Select License from the Add new column drop-down. 
  6. Click Save. The new column appears at the left in the Users grid. 
  7. Click Download users located above the Users grid.
  8. Change Select columns to All user info columns and currently selected columns.
  9. Click Download. When downloading a list of users, the progress will show in the task monitor.BulkAssign3.png
  10. Download and open the Sheet.
  11. Locate the column called New Licenses.
  12. Enter the product/service ID (SKU) for the license you wish to apply.
    • 1010310005 - Google Workspace for Education Standard
    • 1010310006 - Google Workspace for Education Standard (Staff)
    • 1010310008 - Google Workspace for Education Plus
    • 1010310009 - Google Workspace for Education Plus (Staff)
    • 1010370001 - Google Workspace for Education: Teaching and Learning Upgrade
  13. Once you’ve made the changes to the file, save it as a CSV.
  14. Return to the Users section and click bulk upload users.

For common errors, see this Google Help Article


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