Inspiration for Group Gator

Groups can currently be managed in the Google Admin console, but this requires the user to have either a super-admin role or a delegated group-manager admin role for the whole domain, which grants them too much authority in most situations. Alternatively, Groups can be managed via the Google Groups for Business interface via group owners. The Groups interface can be tedious when working with bulk membership changes, and it requires the manager to be a member of all groups they manage, which gives them the responsibility to manage a large number of group settings, which is not always desirable.

The Group Gator Solution

Group Gator is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows for delegated management of any Google Group on the domain by any user on the domain. A domain admin assigns non-admins such as teachers, coaches, and administrative staff members to be delegated managers for particular groups.  Unlike being the group owner or manager role in Google Groups for Business, a delegated group manager cannot modify group management settings,  and unless they are also members, they don’t receive messages from the group.

Delegated group managers only have the power to simply view, add, and remove users from the group via Google Sheets.


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