How to install Group Gator

1. Install from Google Apps Marketplace (GAM) using a domain super admin account.

2. Click on the orange circle with a plus on the right side of the screen to begin the installation process.

3. Group Gator requires your permission in order to start installing on your domain. Click continue once prompted to install.

  • Clicking continue does not install Group Gator on your domain. It merely takes you to the next step at which point you will be asked to accept permissions.


4. Group Gator needs to be granted the right to access Google Services on behalf of your domain users. Before clicking accept, you can choose to turn Group Gator on for the Organizational Unit (OU) of your choice.  Read more if you want to understand why each service scope is being requested.

In the following example, the Teachers OU has been turned on.

  • Agreeing to Group Gator’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Google Apps Marketplace Terms of Service, along with clicking accept will install Group Gator on your domain.


5. To complete installation, Group Gator will first ask if you want to notify users on the domain that the application was installed.

  • It is recommended this setting be turned OFF, since alerting all users that Group Gator was installed may generate confusion on the part of users who have not yet had domain groups delegated to them.

6. After selecting next from the notify user screen, a second screen shows an image demonstrating where Group Gator can be found on the interface as a Google Sheet Add-on once it is completely installed.


7. The final step in completing the installation process is completing the additional setup. Group Gator requires additional setup before users on your domain can start using it and it is recommended you complete the setup process now, rather than later.


It is important that you click on Complete additional setup now.  Once you click this Review and understand each permission Group Gator needs.  These scopes are identical to those requested earlier, and are needed to grant the Group Gator admin web app permissions on the installing account.