Local Hero First Steps

Once you've gotten Local Hero authorized with a Google user account, you'll be taken to Your Sync Jobs, which is where you'll be able to create and view a list of sync jobs. A sync job connects, defines column header mappings, and is where you can optionally automate the data update process between a local CSV file and a Google Sheet.

Creating Sync Jobs

To get started, click + (Create your first sync job).

Currently, Google Sheets and BigQuery are supported for sync jobs.


Local Hero Navigation

There are three navigation options at the top right of the application.


About Local Hero: Click to go to a screen where you can request help from our team, access our help center/feature request board, and see licensing, user, and version information.


Settings: Click to set the default notification email address (optional in job creation), view logs, and reset the user account linkage.


Go to Job List: Opens the jobs list. If there haven’t been any jobs created, then there will be none listed.



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