How do I install Gopher for Gmail?

Gopher for Gmail can be installed by anyone via the Chrome Web Store, but to access its sidebar you must be a G Suite domain super administrator.

Per-user, one-time installation step:

Each user must install Gopher for Gmail from the Add-ons gallery from any Google Sheet, or use this link, and click "Install."  After installation, the tool becomes available across all of the user's Google Sheets, via the Add-ons menu.

Per-domain, one-time installation step:

Because Gopher for Gmail performs very powerful actions on behalf of G Suite users, the sidebar (see below) will prompt the first super-administrative user on the domain to perform a one-time installation of the app from the G Suite Marketplace.  To avoid authorization errors, we strongly recommend installing the application on the root organization unit for the domain.  

Why is root installation is required? Because the tool will need to be able to act on behalf of any email recipient or sender on your domain.

Will all users on my domain see the Sheets Add-on? No. Only those users who have directly installed Gopher for Gmail from the Add-ons will see the app listed under "Add-ons" in Sheets.   Any non-super-administrator who happens to install the Add-on will be prevented from accessing the sidebar.

Will all users on my domain see anything related to Gopher for Gmail?  Yes.  Because of the nature of G Suite Marketplace Apps, users can view a small Gopher for Gmail icon within their Marketplace Apps launcher in G Suite.  The link to the app takes them here.


After clicking Install Now (1. above), you'll be directed through the G Suite Marketplace installation flow.


Once the G Suite Marketplace App has been installed, you'll see the message shown below flash briefly on the screen before it goes completely blank.  (This is normal, a result of the fact that the app is unlisted in the G Suite Marketplace.)  Click Check Again (2. above) on the sidebar and it should acknowledge the app is now installed.  In some cases, there can be a delay of a few minutes before Google's APIs identify the app as installed on the domain.