Install Gopher for Gmail

Step 1: Confirm That Gopher for Gmail Is an Allowed App on Your Domain and That Your User Accounts Are Authorized to Install It

As a Google Workspace super admin, under Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace apps > Settings > Manage access to apps, confirm that users in your domain are allowed to install allowed apps from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

  1. Navigate to Manage access to apps, Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace apps > Settings.
  2. Verify that Allow users to install only allowed applications from Google Workspace Marketplace is selected.
  3. Click Manage allowlist.
  4. Click Add app to allow list.
  5. Search for Gopher for Gmail.
  6. Click Add to allow list.

Step 2: Add Gopher for Gmail Client Id’s to the Trusted List of API Access

See Client IDs: Add Labs tools to the trusted list of API access for the full list of scopes.

Step 3: Install the Sheets Add-on From the Google Workspace Marketplace

  1. In Google Sheets, open a sheet.
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons.
  3. Search for Gopher for Gmail.
  4. Click on the Gopher for Gmail tile.
  5. Select Individual.

Note: Domain administrators will see the Domain Install and Individual Install buttons. It is important that you do NOT install the Add-On domain-wide as it will appear for ALL users. 

Or, cut to the chase and install it directly from here.


Step 3: Perform the One-Time Client Name and Scopes Installation for Your Domain

Because Gopher for Gmail performs very powerful actions on behalf of Google Workspace users, the sidebar will prompt the first super-administrative user on the domain to perform a one-time installation of a Client Name and API Scopes within the Google Workspace admin console's Manage API client access panel. Why is this necessary?  Learn more here.

The values needed for Manage API client access are provided in the Gopher for Gmail sidebar.

  1. In Google Sheets, open a sheet.
  2. Navigate to Extensions > Gopher for Gmail > Launch sidebar.
  3. At the Getting started step, read the note and click Proceed.
  4. Click Add Authorization. The Admin Console opens to the Domain-wide Delegation page.
  5. At the Add new client ID popup, review auto-populated information.
  6. Click Authorize.
  7. Return to the Sheet with the sidebar open.
  8. Click Confirm.

Opening Gopher for Gmail Sidebar

Once installed, you can open Gopher for Gmail from any Google Spreadsheet.

  1. In Google Sheets, open a sheet.
  2. Navigate to  Extensions > Gopher for Gmail.
  3. Click Launch sidebar.


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