Data Privacy Addendum: Little SIS for Classroom

For our base-level privacy agreement, visit this link.

The following privacy addendum is intended to provide modifications to our base privacy agreement specific to the Little SIS for Classroom, an Amplified Labs hosted web application. For additional privacy information related to the district-hosted Little SIS Sync Agent, visit this link

What information does the Little SIS for Classroom web application access and store?

Little SIS for Classroom maintains an Amplified Labs hosted database of the majority of Google API-available fields across Courses, Students, Course Work, and Announcements within Google Classroom. These include student name, student email address, student course enrollments, and enrollment changes.

Where and how is this information accessed and stored?

All information is stored in Google Cloud Platform, block encrypted at rest, under secure access control. All information transmission occurs under HTTPS protocols. Any API access to Google data sources is authenticated and under user control via Google's OAuth protocols.

What control does the user have over the storage and destruction of this information?

All data stored in Little SIS servers can be deleted at will by the customer. The mechanism for this deletion will be made available as soon as we are in general release. 

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