Data Privacy Addendum: Gopher for Gmail

For our base-level privacy agreement, visit this link.

The following privacy addendum is intended to provide modifications to our base privacy agreement specific to Gopher for Gmail. 

What information does Gopher for Gmail access and store?

Gopher for Gmail allows Google Workspace super-administrator users the ability to load Email Log Search exports into Sheets, where messages can then be actioned for deletion.   In addition to asking the user to store search logs outputs in Sheets, as an audit record, Gopher for Gmail stores an actions log, identified by email address, of all actions taken by administrators within the tool.

Where and how is this information stored?

The contents of the Email Log Search outputs remain under the storage and full control of the user within Google Sheets.  The administrator actions log is stored in a Google Cloud Platform datastore, encrypted at rest and in transit.

What control does the user have over the storage and destruction of this information?

Sheets can be deleted at any time by the user.  The backend access logs contain very little information other than email addresses and actions performed by a non-student administrative user, however, if required their deletion can be requested by submission of a help desk ticket in this support site by attaching signed verification from the IT director of the organization making the request.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 3/21/2024 Updated privacy policy link to CDW


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