Explore classes

A reminder about class visibility and features in Little SIS

Little SIS provides many powerful ways to explore the Google Classroom classes on your domain, but what you can see and do very much depends on what kind of user you are within Little SIS.

Super administrators can view ALL of the Google Classroom classes on a G Suite domain and have unlimited access to features within Little SIS.  Learn about features specific to super admins.

Not a super admin?

Depending on your assigned access you can be granted access to limited sets of classes within Little SIS.  Depending on your role, you may also have only a limited set of features available to you.  Learn more about how to determine what access and permissions you have.

Little SIS keeps a live copy of data related to all classes (and their metadata like assignments, announcements, etc.) on your domain and makes these available via for exploration and bulk actions via the Classroom Explorer.

Classroom Explorer

What is the Classroom Explorer?

The Classroom Explorer is a grid-based view of all Google Classroom classes to which your user account has access (whether these classes were created by teachers or by the Little SIS Sync Agent, or other 3rd party sync solution).  There are up to 25+ fields that can be made visible/hidden, re-ordered, sorted, filtered and exported on classes within the Classroom Explorer grid.

Controlling the visibility of rows and columns

It's hard to get the most out of the Classroom Explorer if you haven't grasped how to make the right data visible to yourself.  See the screenshot below for the placement of each of these key visibility controls.

  • Hide / show columns: Clicking the Columns tab on the right side of the explorer reveals the column visibility sidepanel, where each available data field can be made visible / hidden. The Count of hidden columns can be seen in an icon at the top right.
  • Timeframe filter:  Pre-defined timeframes for academic years look like (YYYY-YYYY) and have a cutoff date that is defined by the Little SIS administrator.  The timeframe filter gets applied to the Created date for classes.  Other timeframe options, including custom start and end date, should allow you to narrow your view to meet any purpose.
  • Column filters:  The visible rows within the explorer can be filtered on each column, either as a typeahead text value, or using the funnel icon and  offers checkboxes, inequalities, or date filter operators depending on the data type.
  • Quick remove filters: When in doubt, look at the lower left corner of the grid to see what filters are currently applied.  Clicking the X next to a given filter will remove it.
  • count.png
  • Saved views: Views are defined sets of columns (in a specified order) that can be quickly applied to the Explorer grid.
    • Pre-canned views: These views come standard with Little SIS and are available to all users.
    • Custom saved views: These are the views that you have created and saved within your account.   Saved views are visible only to your Little SIS user account
  • views.png
  • Re-ordering columns: Dragging a column will re-order it within the grid.  Column order can be saved as a part of a saved view.
  • Sorting by column value:  Clicking a column header will sort the grid.  Click twice to remove the sort.