Assign Google Voice Numbers

After you assign licenses to users, you can assign each a Google Voice number. Assigning numbers can be completed manually, using Sheets, or by auto-assign. 

Manual: Admins add service addresses. Google Voice then suggests a local phone number, but admins can assign them manually. This method should be used for numbers ported in.

Sheets: Admins provision service addresses via Sheets, and Google Voice assigns a telephone number automatically. This is a good bulk method if end users don’t need to select their phone number. 

Note: It will take a little while for numbers to show up in the console after running the upload.

Auto-Assign: Auto-Assign sends an email invite to Voice users, they can pick a phone number and assign their service address. Google Voice will suggest a phone number.

Let's Start Assigning

See how to assign new numbers to users right from the Admin console. Users will get a notification email when they have been assigned a number.

Note: Additionally, each user needs a service address for emergency calling ability.


Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 2/26/2024 Changed ported to open in same tab, link best practice


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