Loading group settings into a Sheet


The query filters available for loading groups to the sheet include:

Group Email Address

  • is any value
  • contains
  • begins with
  • ends with

Admin created

  • is any value
  • TRUE

Direct members count

  • is any value
  • is greater than N
  • is less than N 

The Include advanced group analysis option will look for nested groups, and provide additional risk filters.

These query options are useful for identifying groups that include a standard prefix or suffix in their naming structure, groups that may be at higher risk of settings changes, or groups that have large membership counts could that make them a risk.  For domains with very large numbers of groups, it may be necessary to limit the number of groups you attempt to load to the sheet.  For much deeper querying power, native Sheets filters are the way to go.  Click MORE FILTERS to learn more.

The Advanced Group Analysis columns will appear as shown below when that option is selected.  Bear in mind that because this approach requires pulling the entire membership for each group that matches the query parameters in the sidebar, it can be quite slow on domains with very large numbers of groups.  If performance issues arise, it's recommended you try limiting the number of groups using your sidebar-defined query.