Bulk Update Group Settings

The Update group settings feature lets you update settings for Google Groups that are managed via your Google Workspace domain. Bulk updating group settings is a simple process:

  1. Load group settings into a Sheet.
  2. Filter the sheet to isolate groups to update.
  3. Visit the Help Guide tab for clarification on a setting.
  4. Run the Update domain groups Bulk user action.

Filtering Groups

Once you've got groups populated in the Group Settings tab of Google Sheets, using the native filter's functionality in Sheets can be a powerful way to isolate groups of interest to determine which groups require action.


Getting Clarification on What a Setting Means

After you load the groups to the sheet, the Help Guide tab appears. This tab breaks down each permission and what it does and has recommendations for each. We also show you where you can change that permission, whether in our tool, the Google Groups Interface, or the Google Admin console.


Running the Update Group Settings Bulk Action

  1. Click the Bulk actions tab of the sidebar. BulkActionsButton.png
  2. Click Update Group Settings.
  3. In the Group Settings Sheet, edit values necessary in the Information, Permissions, and Settings categories.

    Note: Once you've got a single edit made to one of the groups you want to modify, you can easily copy-paste values down one or more columns of filtered groups to bring all groups into a uniform settings state.

  4. Click Next. A preview of changes opens and can be viewed as a list or per user.
    Setting Description
    List View

    This is the default view.


    Per-User View

    Toggle the slider in the upper right corner of the preview modal to switch between the list view and the per-user view.


  5. Click Run Bulk Actions.
  6. Click Done to return to the sidebar.
  7. Click Doneto return to the Bulk actions tab.


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