Reprogram Centipede

Because Centipede is a keyboard emulator, it doesn’t know or care what it’s been plugged into - it will just start typing away! This can cause problems if you’re trying to reprogram the device with new code, but don’t fret! There are two options to getting around this problem.

Wait It Out

If you’re patient, you can opt to allow Centipede to finish its programmed routine before reprogramming it. Open your favorite text editor, leave your cursor on the blank document, then plug in Centipede. Once you see the double-blink heartbeat pattern flashing on the lights, you’re safe to move on to the programming phase.

Stop It Before It Starts

The connections on the side of the Centipede, also known as the board's pins, aren’t used, but that doesn’t mean they’re not useful. If you use a short length of wire to connect the pins marked 2 and GND together before plugging Centipede into your computer, it will not run its code, but instead, wait to be reprogrammed. 


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