FAQs for Teacher Review Users

We use Google Gradebook Sync. Can I still use Teacher Review in Little SIS?

Yes. However, to use Google Gradebook Sync to sync assignments and grades from your Google Classroom to your SIS, you MUST accept classes in the form your SIS created. You can accept the class outright or link one SIS-assigned class to an active class. But you should not merge two SIS-assigned classes.

My assigned class has no students on the roster. What should I do?

Your admin may have set up classes knowing that the rosters for the class would come out later. This process allows you to begin setting up classroom announcements and assignments before rosters are final. You can accept the assigned class if the course looks like the correct title and section for your schedule. The roster will automatically update when ready. Contact your Little SIS admin if you have any questions or want to confirm a class.

I accidentally declined a class when I should have accepted it. Now what?

No problem, the class is still there! Reach out to your Little SIS admin, who can reassign the class to you so you can review and accept it.

I accidentally Accepted a class when I should have Merged it. Now what?

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to reverse or undo this action. The best next step is to archive - > delete the accepted classes. Then, when the sync runs again, the classes will be reassigned to you. Then, you can merge the classes.

When would I LINK an assigned class to an existing Classroom?

Linking is a valuable tool when creating a Google Classroom before your school finalizes rosters. By linking the newly assigned SIS class to your existing Classroom, you can keep any assignments or announcements you already set up in your Classroom AND have the student roster populate and update automatically.

When would I MERGE assigned classes?

Merging is a feature you would use any time the official SIS enrollment needs to differentiate students into courses even though you have those courses in one Google Classroom. For example, there might be GT, AP, Spec. ED, or other designations for courses in the SIS while you work with all those students using the same Classroom.

Can I finalize some classes in Scheduled Actions without finalizing all of them?

Yes! Finalize an individual class by clicking the button on the bottom of the class card that says either ACCEPT, DECLINE, or LINK. Only use the FINISH SCHEDULED ACTIONS button to finalize all the classes in the Scheduled Actions area.

I want to link an assigned class to my existing Classroom, but I don't see my Classroom listed.

Teacher Review only lists ACTIVE classrooms. If you have archived your class, reactivate it in Classroom to interact with it in Teacher Review. Refresh the Teacher Review page to see the most recent list of your active Classrooms.

I want to link an assigned class to an existing Classroom, but there is a gray class card that won't link. 

Gray cards in Teacher review represent active Classrooms where you are a co-teacher. Only primary teachers can make changes to active Classrooms. Reach out to the primary teacher to coordinate if needed. Reach out to your Little SIS admin if the primary teacher for the newly assigned class needs to be changed.


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