Gopher for Drive Introduction

CDW Amplified for Education’s Gopher for Drive provides a quick and easy way to understand storage consumption on your domain and gain insights on your largest footprint users. Just like our other Gopher tools, Gopher for Drive is a Sheets add-on. 

With Google Workspace limits starting July 2022, now is a great time to start monitoring user and domain usage to see where you land on the usage scale. Monitoring your utilization, especially overutilization, will help you know where you need to curb your cloud storage usage.

Gopher for Drive gives Super Admins the power to generate reports on:

The reports can be filtered by file type and file size, giving you the power to drill down on file types/sizes of concern on the domain, in shared drives, or per user. For example, if you want to see only video files over 200 MBs on a specific drive, you can do that with the Shared Drives Usage Report. Or maybe you want to see all files over 200 MBs, run the same report but include all file types.

Storage Amounts Included/Not Included on Reports

Google counts Drive, Gmail, and Photo storage toward your Workspace limit. To help you accurately gauge your utilization toward that limit, Gopher for Drive reports on the same storage. 

Note: Files that are less than 1 MB are not included in the reports but are included in the aggregate.

When you're ready, install Gopher for Drive.


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