How to install Event-o-Matic

1. First, install Event-o-Matic from the Chrome Web Store.

  • From the overview page, click on “Install” and a blank spreadsheet will automatically open.
  • You will need to give Event-o-Matic several permissions to run. Accept these permissions and Event-o-Matic will be ready to run on your machine.

2. Already installed Event-o-Matic? Open a blank spreadsheet or a spreadsheet that already contains events data from Google Sheets to get started.

3. Just starting out with Event-o-Matic? Hover over the Add-on menu above and select Create an Example (note that this will create another tab in the spreadsheet). Follow the on-screen instructions and at the end of the process, the user will have created two calendar events.

The user can access these calendar events in two different ways: by clicking on the Event Link provided in the spreadsheet, or by going directly to the user’s calendar.