Create a Calendar Event From a Google Form Submission

Event-o-Matic is a Google Sheets Add-on that lets you merge spreadsheet data into calendar events. Let's take a look at two ways to create a Calendar event from a Google Form. The first way is using a blank Google Form. The second way is using a Google Sheet to Create the Google Form.

Creating a Calendar Event Form From a Blank Google Form

  1. Open a blank Google Form
  2. Give the form a Title.
  3. On the Questions tab, include an Event Title. The Multiple choice drop-down should change to Short answer.
  4. Click Add Question from the menu at the right.
  5. It’s recommended to label it Event Date. The Multiple choice drop-down should change to Date.
  6. Click Settings in the top right to see who can respond to the form.
  7. Changes settings as necessary.
  8. Click Save. The user is now set to send the form to the recipients.
  9. Click Send at the upper right corner to email the event form to recipients. The option to include the form in the email is included.

Viewing Responses

Once the email has been sent, you can check the responses by selecting the Responses tab in the Google Form. Click the Create Spreadsheet icon to open a spreadsheet to view the responses to the form in real-time.

Creating a Google Form From a Google Sheet

When you create a Google Form from a Google Sheet, you are creating a blank new form that’s automatically linked to that spreadsheet.

  1. Open a Google Sheet
  2. Create column headers and set parameters. 
  3. Click Tools.
  4. Click Create a form

Note: Event-o-Matic can be installed on Spreadsheets with existing Form Responses when the required information is already in the Sheet. Learn more

Visit Merge on Form submit to learn how to perform a merge to your Sheet every time the form is submitted. 


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