Event-o-Matic Quick Start Guide

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In this article, you will learn:

What is Event-o-Matic?

Installing the Add-on

How to Create an Event from a Google Sheet

How to Create an Event from a Google Form Submission

Syncing Options

Bulk Deleting Events

Advanced Features


What Is Event-o-Matic?

Event-o-Matic gives you a way to bulk create calendar events or have calendar events created off of the back of a Google Form without having to create them one by one.

Installing the Add-on

In a blank Google Sheet, you can install Event-o-Matic by navigating to Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons. Once the Google Workspace Marketplace window launches, search for Event-o-Matic, then select Individual Install


How to Create an Event From a Google Sheet

To create events manually in a Sheet, start with a blank sheet, and create a header row. Common headers are What (Event Title and Event Description), When (Start and End Date, Start and End Time), and Who (Guest List). Once you have those headers, fill in your event details in their respective columns. When you’re ready, go to Extensions > Event-o-Matic > Setup and follow the stepper to create the settings for your sheet.

How to Create an Event From a Google Form Submission

To create events off the back of a Forms Submissions sheet, you’ll first need to create the form. The form can have additional questions on it, but make sure it has at least the Event Title, Event Date, and Event Time in it. Once you start getting responses, you can open the responses in a Google Sheet and then go to Extensions > Event-o-Matic > Setup and follow the stepper to create the settings for your sheet.

Syncing Options

Once you have run through the initial setup for the sheet, you have a couple of different options to sync events going forward. These options are all found under Extensions > Event-o-Matic:

  • Preview & create new events
    • Scans the sheet to create any newly added events.
  • Sync already created events
    • Smart Sync
      • Detects the differences between the calendar and sheet and whichever source has the most recent change will be what gets made and written to the calendar/sheet.
  • Sync up
    • Syncs any changes from the sheet to the calendar.
  • Sync down
    • Syncs any changes from the calendar to the sheet.

Bulk Deleting Events

To bulk delete events, there will be a column added to the sheet where you can put a Y in the column to have that event deleted. Once ready you’ll go to Extensions > Event-o-Matic > Delete Selected Events.

Advanced Features

There are a couple of advanced features you can choose to use when creating events:

  • Merge to multiple calendars
    • You’ll need to add a Calendar ID column to your sheet where you can put the calendar ID in for the respective events. If you are creating events on calendars other than your own, make sure you have full rights to the calendar to prevent any errors.
  • Conditional merge
    • You can use this if an event needs to be checked or given permission before being created. Use cases for this are time off, field trips, etc.
  • Merge on form submit
    • This can be set so that any time a form submission comes it, the event will automatically get created.


You can access support from the Customer Success team a couple of different ways:

Live chat, when available, is located at the bottom of the sidebar. When chat is offline, you can instead open a support ticket from the chat widget. 

In addition, we have an extensive Help Center with knowledgebase articles on the tool and its features, and you can also access live chat from here, as well as submit a ticket. 

Finally, you can always email support@amplifiedit.com to open a support ticket with us at any time. 


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