Adding an SSH Key in SFTP Settings

In addition to using an SFTP username and password, we now allow you to use an SSH or PUB key file to authenticate secure connections for your SIS exports.

Warning: For our Infinite Campus users, Infinite Campus is deprecating the username/password authentication method for SFTP exports. You must set your exports up using this .pub key file method.

  1. To start, you’ll need to create your keys within Infinite Campus.
  2. Once your key is created, you must download the public key file to upload it into Little SIS (step 4 of the linked instructions).
  3. In Little SIS Premium, navigate to Administration > General Settings and scroll to the SFTP settings box.
  4. Click on Add SSH Key, and upload the .pub file.
  5. Once uploaded, go back into Infinite Campus and complete steps 7-10 of the linked instructions to confirm your connection tests successfully.

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