Teacher Training for Classroom

Aside from change management, the biggest key to a successful Classroom implementation is teacher training. Investing time in properly training your teachers before or at the start of the rollout is invaluable in cultivating teacher buy-in and enthusiasm. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Google has an excellent Teacher Center that contains resources for general Google training, as well as training for Classroom. It’s a great resource to share with your teachers, especially if training time or resources are tight. Here are a few modules to check out:


Your instructional staff may not have time to lead district-wide or even school-wide training. Building a system of Classroom evangelists in your school(s) can help share the load. Identify some of your high-use Classroom teachers, and elevate them to a position where they can train others within their school or department. If you need some insight into who these teachers are, ask us. We can provide Classroom and Coursework exports that help you identify your go-getters in Classroom.

Ongoing Training

One thing that we see a lot with rollout training is that teachers may be excited to use Classroom at the start of the year when they’ve just gone through a PD session, but that enthusiasm quickly wanes as the school year gets underway. Many teachers leave their Classrooms untouched throughout the bulk of the year. Ongoing training is a great way to keep teachers excited about and comfortable with integrating Classroom into their instruction.

Holding training sessions throughout the year may not be possible, but you can lean on what we outlined in the previous section. Evangelists in your schools are your best resource. Have them hold informal training sessions, or even target specific teachers who aren’t using Classroom for individual coaching sessions. The momentum shouldn’t stop once school starts! 


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