Why Is Data Getting Scrambled on Upload?

Data can get scrambled or mismatched on upload due to a couple of factors. The biggest culprit is incorrect sorting or filtering of data. Gopher for Chrome uses Google's unique Device ID, located in column AM, which is hidden by default when updating device information, not the Serial Number. This is why it is so important to keep the complete row data intact when sorting and filtering your data.


To prevent scrambled data, ensure the following guidelines are followed:

  • If filters are not turned on already, click on the beer funnel icon to turn them on.


  • When you sort or filter your data, you should be using the filter icon that shows next to the column headers.


  • Once you have your data the way you want it and kick off the upload, the sidebar must remain open until the upload is complete. It is also important that you do not make any other changes or sorting of the data while the update is processing. It is best to just leave the sheet alone until the upload is complete. 


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