How to Add or Remove Users from a Group Using the Bulk Update Tool

1. Bulk adding or removing users from the group is a two step process. First, add or delete the email addresses in the sheet for the particular user(s) you’d like to add or remove from the group.

2. Apply the change by running a bulk update :

First, select the group you’d like to update. If multiple groups were impacted by changes, you can select all of them at once as shown in the diagrams below.

After clicking the Preview and Apply Changes button, you are able to see the changes that will be made to the spreadsheet. Click APPLY ALL CHANGES for the sync to begin.

3. If you are unsure if changes have been applied, such as if a user has been successfully added, look under the “Sync status” column in the spreadsheet. If “Added to Google group …” is written on the same line as user that was just added, then that means the sync was successful.

4. Also included in the bulk sync tool is the Download from Google feature. If it’s been a long time since you’ve looked at a particular spreadsheet, and you’re not sure if the sheet is accurate or up to date, then it’s a good idea to select Download from Google. This will load the most up-to-date group into the spreadsheet. It’s important to note the Google Sheet is a snapshot moment in time capture of what is on the domain.