Group Gator End User Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I don't see Group Gator listed in my Add-ons menu. What now?

Make sure you're looking in the Extensions > Add-ons menu in the top menu of a Google Sheet. If you don't see Group Gator in your listed Add-ons, try installing it yourself from the Google Workspace Marketplace link. If this fails, ask your domain administrator to make sure Group Gator is turned on for your Google Account's organizational unit.

If I edit the spreadsheet, will my changes sync automatically with Google Group?

Yes and no. You can add/remove email addresses directly in the sheet, but you must remember to sync the tab up to Google using the Group Gator sidebar. User first and last name fields are READ-ONLY, so changing them will not change these values on the user's profile on your Google domain.

Why do I see groups listed in Group Gator that weren’t delegated to me using Group Gator?

This is a normal possibility. Groups in which you are set to be an owner or a manager in Google Apps will be listed as well as groups that were delegated to you via Group Gator.

If someone else has changed the group from another spreadsheet or the Google Group site, will these show up automatically in my spreadsheet?

No, you will not automatically see changes made by others. This means it's always a good idea to open the sidebar and refresh the group membership in the Sheet before making any bulk edits.

When I type in an email address and then run a bulk sync, why do first and last names show up as na?

If a user, such as a parent, is outside of the domain, the sync tool will not recognize that individual and, therefore, will substitute na for first and last names.


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