Getting started with Arduino Create

1. Navigate to and create an account. You can login with your Google account to avoid having another username and password to remember. To use Arduino Create, you will need to install it on a Mac or PC computer (Chromebooks are not yet supported).

2. Follow the prompts to download and install the local plugin.

3. Once the installation has completed, navigate to the Centipede Blink Test code, and use the button to add the code to your sketchbook.

4. Plug in your Centipede device, and use the menu to select the board and port. The board type is Arduino/Genuino Micro, and the port should show automatically. If it does not, use the option to Select Other Board & Port.

5. Use the right pointing arrow button to upload the code to your Centipede.

6. When the upload is complete, you should see a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen, and your Centipede should be flashing two lights in a rapid alternating pattern.

Next steps