Include / exclude and show / hide device data columns

Including / excluding column groups

Google Sheets currently (as of Dec 2018) has a maximum capacity of 5 million cells.  Depending on your fleet size, and Chrome Gopher (premium) can include as many as 44 data columns in the "Devices" tab.   This means you are theoretically limited to loading no more than around 45,000 devices if all columns are included.  Large Google spreadsheets can also be quite sluggish, depending on your local resources. 

The Set Visible Columns tab in Gopher for Chrome allows you to limit which column groups to include / exclude, which means you have the power to work around some of these Sheets size performance limitations. 

Toggle which columns groups you want to include or exclude, and click Apply.

Note that when new column group is added to the sheet, the inserted columns will not initially contain any data.   A new device import will be required in order to populate these added columns.  Likewise removing a column group will delete the data along with the columns.



Showing / hiding individually columns

Showing and hiding columns can also be helpful as you focus on a specific search or bulk update task.  Use the Choose which columns you would like to view/hide and hit Apply.  Hidden columns are simply collapsed, not removed from the sheet, so they can be restored at any time.


Note: Freezing columns and rows can also be accomplished by clicking and dragging the gray frozen column separator in the native Sheets UI.