Load Devices From the Device Cache

Loading from the device cache can be helpful in cases where you need a quick report of your devices.

    1. Open the sidebar, if not already open: Extensions > Gopher for Chrome > Launch sidebar
    2. From the sidebar, be sure the Load managed devices from tab is selected.
    3. In the Load managed devices from… field, select Device Cache from the drop-down.
    4. Select query parameters using the Where and And drop-downs.
    5. If you are using Gopher Buddy and want to include that data in Gopher for Chrome, set the Include data collected...toggle to ON.
    6. Click Load to Sheet.
    7. At the prompt, click Continue.
    8. At the Finished prompt click Dismiss. Data loads to the Device Cache tab in the following sections/columns:

Hardware Details (required)
  Device ID
  Serial Number
Editable Device Properties
  Org Unit Path
  Annotated User
  Annotated Location
  Annotated Asset ID
Hardware Details
  Auto Update Expiration
  Mac Address
  Ethernet Mac Address
Device Telemetry
  Battery Health
  Storage Used
  Total Storage (GB)
  Available Storage (GB)
Calculated Values (read only-derived from Admin console & lookup tables
  Number of major Chrome versions behind
  Latest stable Chrome version for model
  Most Recent User
Reported Activity
  Last Sync
  Last Known IP
  Last Known WAN IP
  Last Enrollment Time
Hardware State
  Major Chrome Version
  Boot Mode


Once you load devices, you can use bulk actions to make changes to the devices.

See also:

Load devices from the Admin console

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Document Version Date Description of Change
1.0 3/12/2024 Updated link to open in same tab


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