Use Filters to Explore Your Devices

If you haven’t tried the feature recently, you’ll soon see that Sheets column filters provide raw data-exploring power on your Chrome device data. Filtering boosts your device management intelligence, efficiency, and decision-making.
Because Gopher for Chrome’s bulk update feature respects Sheets filters, you can quickly make metadata and OU updates on a filtered subset of devices.
Here are some examples of questions and filter combinations you might apply to your device data:

Which devices were enrolled before a specific date?

Filter the Sheet to limit your view by Last Enrollment Date column using the Filter by condition and use the Date is before > exact date… filter.

Perhaps you enrolled a set of devices for a specific location within a certain date range. Once you identify the devices, you want to mass-populate Annotated Location and move them into a sub-organization by editing their Org Unit Path.


Which of my devices is missing an annotated asset ID?

Filter by Annotated Asset ID and select only blanks.

This may be useful to identify inconsistent asset tagging practices during enrollment and get up to snuff with barcoding and inventory.



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