Voice Billing FAQs

Is Google Voice for Google Workspace available everywhere?

No, there are some regions where Google Voice is not available. Check if your region is on the available areas list posted here

Is there a minimum number licenses I must purchase to continue after the trial period? 

No, there is no minimum.

What is the minimum length of commitment I must make to Google Voice if we continue beyond the trial period?

Voice is billed monthly over a 12-month timeframe. You are only charged based on usage (the number of users assigned in that month).

Are there any additional discounts available?

Yes. For purchases of more than 1000 licenses, the price would be 8.00 per license per month, plus regulatory fees.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You must notify CDW Amplified for Education 30 days prior to your end day to ensure proper billing and accountability by filling out this form. See the Cancel your Voice subscription article for steps to cancel.


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