Gmail and Vault, Default vs. Comprehensive Email Storage

Do you know what Vault isn't storing from Gmail? We aren't talking about confidential emails. Here, we refer to regular emails sent and received and not captured in Vault.

Admin console setting: Comprehensive mail storage

  • By default, Vault does not retain the following emails:
    Emails from some of Google's notifications. For example, notifications that someone has shared a document with you.
  • Emails from some of Google's other systems. For example, when you select the Email guests checkbox in a Google Calendar event. Vault does not retain the email sent to the invited guest

In this video, we identify content that Vault is not retaining from Gmail and give insights on where, in the Admin console, you can find the setting to ensure everything is stored correctly.

Video: Enable comprehensive email storage

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To turn on comprehensive mail storage in Vault:

  1. Log in to the Admin console.
  2. Navigate to Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Gmail > Compliance
    use the search to filter and go right to the setting.
  3. Click on the Compliance card.
  4. In the Organizational Units panel at the left, select the top OU (root) or select a sub OU depending on where you want the comprehensive email to take place.
  5. Hover over the Comprehensive mail storage setting and click Edit.
  6. Check the Ensure that a copy of all sent and received mail is stored in associated users’ mailboxes checkbox.
  7. Click Save.

Additional resource: Set up comprehensive mail storage


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