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A key feature of the Help Center is the ability to locate articles using search. Search is beneficial to find an article if you need clarification on what Category (cards on the Help Center Home) or section it's in. If you know the title of the article or some keywords for what the article covers, you can enter those words in the search to find the article. You can use the By Category filter to narrow the results if there are too many search results.

Where Is the Search Box?

The search field appears on every page, but the location depends on the type of page:

  • Home page: On the homepage, there is a prominent search bar with a Search button. HowtoSearch1b.png
  • Category, section, and article pages: The search box appears at the top right on these pages. search notify1b.png
  • Search results page: You will see the search results page after a search. You can start a new search if you don't find what you need. On this page, the search box appears at the top left.HowToSearch3.png

Using Search

  1. Enter a word or phrase for what you are looking for in the Search field.

    Note: Add quotes around a phrase to search for those words in that order or that specific phrase. For example, entering device cache returns results for device and cache. Entering "device cache" returns results only where device and cache appear together.

    A list of articles appears below the Search field as you enter characters.

    Note: Enter at least 4 characters; less than that does not yield good results. These articles have your search words in the title. As you continue to type, the list narrows.

  2. Select an article from the list to open it.
    Click Enter to go to the search results page. Here, you see a list of all articles containing your search words in the title or article text. SearchingHelpCenter3Sigular.png
  3. If there are many results you can filter the list for a specific category by clicking on the Category at the left.
  4. Select an article from the list to view it. SearchingHelpCenter4Singular.png


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