Classwork Analysis

A reminder about class visibility and features in Little SIS

Little SIS provides many powerful ways to gain insights into the Google Classroom classes on your domain, but what you can see and do very much depends on what kind of user you are within Little SIS.

Super administrators can view ALL of the Google Classroom classes on a Google Workspace domain and have unlimited access to features within Little SIS.  Learn about features specific to super admins.

Not a super admin?

Depending on your assigned access you can be granted access to limited sets of classes within Little SIS.  Depending on your role, you may also have only a limited set of features available to you.  Learn more about how to determine what access and permissions you have.

The Classwork Analysis report is an interactive heat map that is broken down into three views:

  • By Teacher: The total number of classwork items a teacher has assigned in any Classroom in the specified timeframe.
  • By Course: The total number of classwork items assigned in that Classroom by any primary or co-teacher in the specified timeframe.
  • By School: The total number of classwork items assigned at that school for the specified time frame.

Each shaded colored square represents the number of classwork assigned respectively in that week. You can sort by clicking on any of the green shaded header columns, as well as search and filter using the search and drop-down boxes.


Clicking on any of the green numbered squares will pop out a sidebar showing more details about the classwork assigned in that week. The ability to quickly Join Classes (as student or as a co-teacher) is also available here. **Note: The join class feature requires the user to have a role that includes the “Join classes as a co-teacher” and/or “Join classes as a student” permission.**


Once you have joined the class, or if you are already a member of the class, you can use the Go-to-Class icon next to the assignment title to go directly to that assignment in Google Classroom to see further comments, submissions and grades, etc.