Getting Started with Support Essentials

Welcome to Support Essentials. We've put together resources to help you learn what you have access to as a Google for Education Essential customer and how to kick off those features. Whether you are new to or already have the Support Essentials service, you'll find these resources handy.

Getting Started

docIcon.png Statement of Engagement (SOE): This document sets expectations for stakeholders, roles, and responsibilities, defines deliverables, and outlines workflow.
slidesIcon.png Amplified Support for Google for Education, support subscription service: This slide deck provides an overview of Support Essentials, customized solutions, on-demand support, roles/responsibilities/tasks, and promotional offers.
pdfIcon.png Support Subscription 1 pager: This PDF presents the best solutions to your technical challenges. 
pdfIcon.png Support Stack 1 pager: This PDF describes each support stack and provides links to a complete list of deliverables and milestones for each support stack.
helpCenterIcon.png Onboard Your Team to the Collaborative: You can use this Help Center article to start your team as collaborative members.
bigMarkerIcon.png Getting Started with Support Essentials Webinar: This webinar explains how you can make the most of your Support Essentials subscription.


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